January 16, 2012


Everything is "lovely" here. I swear I have not heard the word used more. Everyone here uses the word lovely for whatever they are talking about. I guess you could compare lovely to like in the amount of times it can be used in a sentence. I would say life is lovely right now. Orientation started today with a 9am fire drill which typically wouldn't be so bad if I weren't so jet-lagged still. This 8 hour time difference has really caught up to me and everyone else has the luxury of dealing with a 5 hour time difference. It has only been two days of being with other kids on the program but I have already met so many people! A lot of BU kids who surprisingly don't know each other, lots of other kids from universities in the states (+ two girls down the floor from Puerto Rico), a few Brits and a few Irish. Only one of my roommates goes to BU the other one goes to Tufts and the other from Indiana University. Now with four girls living in this quaint room I feel like it will get more packed and messy as time goes on. But I did find out today that we have housekeepers! Only a private university would have housekeepers for their students when studying abroad. The one complaint I have is my sink. Whoever put both hot and cold into one faucet is the greatest inventor. I really hate one hand getting burned and the other staying freezing cold. My solution to the problem is using a plastic makeup bag to combine the temperature. Its really not convenient but working fine for now. 
Tomorrow and Wednesday we are in orientation all day as well but tomorrow we are going on a Thames Boat trip to Greenwich. I'm taking my camera and will have many more pictures to post! Sending love from London! xx

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