January 18, 2012

Day Trip to Greenwich

Greenwich has one of the most breathtaking views of the city. I was in awe walking up the side of the mountain in Greenwich to look back and see not only the rest of the town of Greenwich but across the Thames River. We were lead on a boat trip from Big Ben to Greenwich yesterday where we were then dropped off and had to find our way back across the river without help from staff. Instead of heading right back we headed into town and wandered around discovering new sites. We stopped at the Greenwich Market, the park, Old Royal Navel College, and the observatory, which is the host of the Prime Meridian. After leaving Greenwich around 4 o'clock when it was already dark out we came back to relax and then preceded on with out night by going out to Covent Garden to two clubs, Verve and Zoo Bar. Gotta go big before classes start tomorrow!! 
London Eye
Big Ben
On the Thames River
Old Royal Navel College
Greenwich Market
Greenwich Park
The view
The Prime Meridian  
The Observatory 

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