January 13, 2012

Beginning the London Adventure

I barely have had the chance to explore London but I love it already! It is such a beautiful and enchanting city. It seemed like only a few hours ago I was at LAX waiting to board my 11 hour flight with my friend Devin. We arrived in London around 12pm and lugged our three bags (each) to the line of black cabs. Of course I was struggling to roll my bags and had to have someone help me get across the airport traffic. I can only assume how silly we looked. The taxi cab driver asked why we needed this amount of luggage but I thought that we had a reasonable amount considering we would be living her for 4 months! Driving away from the airport our cab driver asked where we were from, our response of course California and he continued by saying not to be afraid of the "brit boys" as they would take care of us "california girls".. I suppose Katy Perry's song is popular here as well, maybe due to her ex?? He continued talking about how he hates the French and lies to them about what is actually London, showing them the industrial area/Little Australia, which isn't too pretty (who knew there would be a Little Aussieland?!). He then started asking me questions about Obama and saying how everyone in the UK thinks that Obama is the Royal Family of the USA, but the best part about this convo was the amount of "huh" and "what" I had to ask. Even though its the same language I have no idea what people are saying sometimes. After Devin and I went our separate ways (only about two blocks away from each other), I set up my nest in my new room which has huge floor to celling windows that face the Natural History Museum. It is the best view ever of a gorgeous building. 
Yea I get to wake up and fall asleep to this sight everyday! 
After we got settled in I met Devin and we went out to a pub for some fish and chips and the bartenders favorite ale and cider. 
After an early dinner at 4pm that felt like we were eating at 10pm we wandered around the city for a bit until we were to exhausted to continue moving. Tomorrow we plan on visiting Big Ben and wandering some more until nighttime then its "pub" hopping for the few of us that are here early. 

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