January 23, 2012

Clubs. Clubs. And More Clubs... + Some Sightseeing

This past week I went out every night (sorry Mom and Dad - even though I think a small part of you would be proud) and each night has been quite the experience.  Although some clubs have been the typical tourist spots we have managed to get into some local hangouts which are much more relaxed.  A friend from SB, who is also studying abroad in London, invited me to an amazing club called Cirque Du Soir. The club was like going to a show and raging at the same time. I'm not quite sure how the performers like that though.. I can only imagine how many drunk people they have to encounter while "acting". That was probably the highlight of my nightlife this week. Saturday night I went to a gay club called none other than G.A.Y. (really creative I know). It was quite the experience unlike anything I have EVER seen! It must have been princess night because the drag queens we're dressed as Cinderella. No joke craziest thing ever. Other than going out I've managed to get A LOT of sight seeeing in! I've been to Portobello Street/Market, a tour of the London Tower and Crown Jewels (including an amazing 530 carot diamond just waiting for me), the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern Museum, of course Buckingham Palace again, St. Paul Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. There is so much more to explore so I know everyday will be packed with things to do and sights to see. 
The roomie Kiki
Taylor, Shelby, Will
St. Paul Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
Tower of London 

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