May 14, 2012

"Paris Is Always a Good Idea"

With that said, I agree with Audrey to some extent... Paris is a good idea but I happened to travel to Paris at the perfect time. Yes some days it was raining on and off but the majority of time it was a beautiful spring week. 
Day 1: The Trotter's conquered the Louvre, of course after stopping in Starbucks.. the American way. Then off to the Design Museum to see the exhibit on Louis Vutton and Marc Jacobs. I wanted it all. Future coffee table will be my very own Louie, of course I'll have a glass box made for it so that when I have amazing cocktail parties it doesn't become an accident prone material item. After the Design Museum we walked across the street and up the Seine River to find ourselves at the Eiffel Tower for a night time (& frigid) boat ride. 
Day 2 (april 30): The second day in Paris we took a little slower getting around. With three of us there and it raining on and off it was quite the experience but we walked from the Arc de Triumph to a museum with a Helmet Newton exhibit. We soaked up as much of Paris as we could this day. Walking everywhere and experiencing the diversity among the different areas in Paris. 
Day 3 (may 1st): Lille Day! Or really "Lily" Day.. thank you Paris for recognizing a day for your favorite Lily, me! I wish we could make this a national holiday but it's really not about me and more about giving Lille's to each other. It is also one of the very few national holidays that everyone regards as a holiday meaning that the majority of Paris was closed. Luckily for the tourists in town Parisians left a few landmarks open like Notre Dame, which we visited early in the afternoon and continued walking through the 3rd and 4th quarter of Paris window shopping. We got back to the hotel, had a nice dinner and then my dad and I headed out to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was close to closing so our aggressive move to hike to the 2nd story began in order to make sure we got to the top. Of course I piled on the layers in case it was cold but I could have done with a tank top and shorts with the amount of hiking we did. It was an uphill battle for sure but the top was worth it. 
Day 4: Versailles! Yes we went to Versailles and how we did it I do not know. Getting there the metro was an unwanted method of transportation but when explained that it would save more money and is probably quicker to do the metro than a taxi I won the fight. The palace was a hectic place. No I will not be going into that building again so I made sure my dad snapped enough shots of the place so I can look back via technology. After the main palace we could never possibly walk the ground of Versailles, so like no other tourists do we rented a golf cart for hours and rode around the grounds. The golf cart lasted until the rain started coming down again and we left Versailles. The 1st hour was a disaster the next multiple hours were amazing. 
Day 5: On our last day in Paris we ventured further out of the center of Paris to go to the Cinema Museum which featured a Tim Burton exhibit. Finally I got to see that exhibit! You wouldn't think it would take traveling to Paris to see a Tim Burton exhibit when it was in both New York and Los Angeles. If this exhibit ever comes back to the states or if anyone wants to travel to Paris to see it I highly recommend the exhibit, maybe it's because I love Time Burton and his wackness but you should just go. After the Cinema Museum we went to the Musee d'Orsay which was by far the most amazing museum we have been to in Paris. There was so much to see, absolutely no way we could have seen all the works of art in just one visit but we managed to see a lot. With two museums done we figured it was time to head back for our last dinner in Paris at "our" restaurant. 
Day 6: On the way out of Paris my dad insisted that we stop at a little photography shop. Considering France is where it all started for my dad seeing as much photography in Paris as he could was a big deal. We left the hotel, managed to get to the photography store with an hour to spare for shopping time before we had to leave to catch the train back to London. That shopping time was well used and we walked out with two original prints of Paris from the 1930s. 

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