May 15, 2012

Home Front

Everyone continues to ask me the same questions now that I'm home. What was my favorite thing about being abroad? Or whats one thing you loved about London?
Honestly I can't answer those questions. Not because I didn't have a favorite thing but because being there was my favorite thing. It's been hard for me to explain why I enjoyed it so much. My friends that I made there that I otherwise would have never known. My bosses that guided me through my first internship and in a different country. The little school work I did.. Yes if you haven't heard studying abroad isn't the most difficult college semester. The nightly outings to pubs and bars and clubs with groups of at least 5. The random people you meet when living in London that you were friends with there but will rarely talk to now that your back. It's as if I was in a different world for a month. More like a dream than anything because when I came back to the sleepy beachside town my family resides in little had changed. I suppose that I hadn't expected much to change in Santa Barbara but I have changed so much as a person from my study abroad experience. Clearly I'm not good at explaining why I enjoyed my time abroad but my one recommendation is for anyone that is questioning study abroad just go for it. It will be the best experience of your lifetime.

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