May 5, 2011

White Stallion, Blue, Mels...

What does a white stallion, the color blue, and Mels Diner have to do with each other you might ask but my answer is simple.. HOUSES! Its crunch time and my roomies and I are in need of finding a pretty little abode that we can call home for the next few years. The issue that I have is that before we even get the house I think about all the little accessories and decorations that need to be distributed throughout each room, how all of our furniture will look when placed under one roof, what books will be perfectly arranged on the coffee table, my closets organization, what bedding I'm going to purchase, and the list continues. Clearly I have a slight obsession with decorating, the good thing is that so do my future roomies.  I'm thinking our house will be featured in ELLE Decor one day, just you wait. 

Here are just a few of my fav rooms. 

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