April 18, 2011

Polish Appreciation

What would a girl do without those little glass bottles of colored, stinky liquid?! What am I talking about you ask... well of course nail polish! 
More recently it has become a trend to sport a variety of colors and of course nail art that reminds me of something I would see on Harajuku girls. It was my roommate that introduced me to the wonderful world of nail design and crazy colors considering she had an abundance of nail polish (more than 100 of those little bottles).  More recently though I have wanted to try out the ombre design on my nails. 
If I could pull this off perfectly I would do so in a heart beat! 

But it seems that this style of ombre nail design, which is much simpler, will be the next nail look that I will be showing off!

P.S. I recently came across the tumbler Fuck yeah nail art! and it has given me an abundance of new nail designs that one day will be on my own nails!

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