May 25, 2012

The Big To Do List

I made a "You Only Live Once" to do list in London so I figured why not take on the 7x7 challenge to do the big list of 100 things in SF before you die. From looking at the list I already know it will be somewhat incomplete seeing as I won't be doing a few of the tasks but I will try my best to accomplish all that I can over the next year in San Francisco. 

Some of the tasks that I've already checked off my list from living in SF for the past 3 years: 
               2. Walk under the waterfall at Yerba Buena Gardens. (SoMa)
9. Soak in the art and some Blue Bottle on the new SFMOMA rooftop. (SoMa)
(Lets be real.. what art student hasn't gotten lost at the SFMOMA)
10. Have a quiet moment in the Contemporary Jewish Museum plaza. (SoMa)
17. Catch a show at Bimbo’s. (Northbeach)
(Benefit of being a Media Studies student I not only caught a show but got a tour of the amazing quaint venue)
37. Make friends with someone that owns a sailboat. (Marina)
(Are they my friend... not really, simply because its really my mom's friends friend BUT I do know someone with a sailboat that has offered to take me out anytime.. I should really get on that offer)
44. Get a taste of the Mission at Pizzeria Delfina. (Pac Heights)
(Love this pizza!)
57. Catch an indie flick at the Red Vic. (Haight)
(Media Studies requirements once again)
59. Shop for quality vintage wear at Held Over. (Haight)
(All vintage shops on Haight are great!)
66. Wake up to a bowl of bread pudding at Tartine Bakery. (Mission)
(Could do that every morning but then I would be bigger than a water buffalo)
82. Browse the art books at Park Life. (Richmond)
(Numerous times and I love this little place more each time I walk to Clement - btw next door is the best store called Seedstore)
84. Be thankful for Green Apple Books, the ultimate independent bookstore. (Richmond)
90. Check out the natural wonders at the California Academy of Sciences, or the latest exhibit at the de Young. (Richmond)
(Both strongly recommended!)
93. Build a fire at Ocean Beach. (Sunset)

Some tasks that are marked of the list (mostly because I don't eat meat.. its a very San Franciscian lifestlye):
18. Take a seat at the counter for a meatball sandwich at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store. (Northbeach)
32. Load up a Let’s Be Frank grass-fed dog with devil sauce. (Marina)

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