April 19, 2012

Time Flies

Literally... the saying is to close for comfort right now. Time flies when your having fun, well my fun has been living in london since January, studying abroad and interning for a wonderful talent agency. To imagine that I was scared of coming to London in January seems crazy to me. It's a sad thing to think that these next few days are the last I have in London. I made my farewells to my boss Debbie and Ali (along with Debbie's adorable son) last week. I thought I was surprising them with a gift of Ben's Cookies, Diet Coke and a few of their favorite Cadbury treats but when I got to my desk I discovered an adorable skull and roses packaged present (they knew me so well already) with a heart necklace inside. Their card read that "now I was part of the Regan Rimmer family" and how blessed I feel to have had an internship that treated me the way Debbie and Ali did. After saying goodbye to my new work family was when I really began to feel sensitive about the time I have left in London. It only has been going by quicker and quicker. I finished my last class London Architecture class Tuesday, waiting impatiently for my final exam to be distributed so I can get on with living up my last days here.  

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