April 9, 2012

It's Bohemia

Otherwise known as Prague (Praha) where of course the beer is cheaper than water. On Friday afternoon the 6 of us jetted off to Prague to enjoy a city none of us knew anything about other than it being awesome and gorgeous. Everyone I had spoken to previously about the city had nothing much to say other than the fact that they loved it without much explanation. Now that I have conquered this city I can say that I loved it. 
When we arrived it was too late to do anything other than crash in our amazing apartment hostel and go to bed. Saturday I woke up and went on a mini adventure around town by myself but went back to the hostel to get the rest of the gang. Once all were woken up we went on a tour (after we misplaced half of our group when they decided they needed a coffee instantly). The tour was another once of those free tours that was amazing! Other than the fact that it was on and off pouring the entire tour we managed to complete the entire tour with little complaints and went to our first czech restaurant. We continued to explore the city for the rest of the day only to make it back to the hostel for a quick nap and showers and then it was on to the night life.
That night we met up with a bunch of Michigan (& a few other) kids at this place called the Beer Factory. Seemingly you would think it was all about beer which it was in a way considering each table had its own tap but if you could combine a bar and a club together that's exactly what it would be. Imagine a bar, large tables, with smoke machines and a DJ playing of course all the American hits. After we were there for a few hours we went to the next place, a club featuring 80s & 90s hits. We danced the night away.. Literally leaving at 5am, getting back to the hostel at such a late hour that the sun was already creeping up. We slept a while that day but I couldn't let my whole day go by without seeing more because really when will I go back to Prague. Easter sunday we went to Bohemia Bagels for some breakie and Jen Ny and myself headed to Prague castle, while it was awful weather and snowing. We walked for about 5 hours and eventually found our way back to the hostel to turn around instantly and head back out for our last meal in Prague. We ate once again at a czech restaurant (not my fav.. I should really reconsider the whole Eastern European traveling) and then roamed the street markets. We ended up in a horse and buggy ride and had a little romantic moment, just the six of us. No one was really willing to give up sleep in order to go out for a few hours Sunday so we took the time to get lost eventually making it back to our hostel after a very long walk. At 3:30am we left our hostel, with 5 very tired stragglers and 1 sickling.
 Prague was without a doubt one of the most amazing cities architecturally and historically; and it ended up being one of the greatest, entertaining adventures. Seeing the sunrise over Prague was my final farewell, leaving the land of bohemia and back to Londontown. 

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