March 3, 2012

You Can Sleep When Your... In A Good Hotel

Hellooooo Amsterdam you sure did welcome us well!
With such a pretty sunset to look out at as we arrived into Amsterdam, who would have thought that things could go so poorly with the whole rooming situation.. When we finally got to our destination "Hotel My Home", the outside didn't look nearly as bad as what the inside was like. Immediately it was like I was entering a huge kitty litter box, and being a bad sport about smells I wasn't too fond of the idea of spending a weekend in smoker-free, cat pee, dark den. The solution was simple (and much more costly) but we decided to spend a night in a luxurious hotel. Of course after spending a night in a different hostel that was only slightly better. 
The better hostel... 
The wonderful hotel room
The first day in Amsterdam we went to Rijkmuseum to look at Remembrant and Venner paintings then to the VanGogh Museum and stopped by the I "am"sterdam sculpture to snap a few touristy pics. After an amazing lunch we headed to the flower market and then made our way to the "Heineken Experience". I think my favorite part was seeing the horse named Freddy or maybe being told that to enjoy the beverage I should "drink like a man". I don't think the other women in that room thought it was as funny as I did from the looks they were giving me. 
Say Cheese!! 

The horse Freddy! 
After having a few drinks at the "Heineken Experience" we headed off to the Anne Frank House and by that time I was ready to head back to the hotel.  We didn't stay in the room for long because the Red Light District was a must see.. Quite interesting the whole thing but the most interesting part is while they have all these white blonde prostitutes in the main windows, the black prostitutes are hidden down these weird alley ways. We left pretty quickly, walked around the city some more and headed back to the hotel for a wonderful rest. The next morning we were off to spend our last day in Amsterdam exploring the city by the canals. We went to a delicious pancake/crepe place for breakfast and headed to get on a canal tour which ended at the perfect time for us to get back to the airport and back the city I currently call "home". 

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