March 15, 2012

Weekend Activities

Oh the places you'll go when you have the roomies friends visiting from Spain.. 
Thursday night we went out to Chinawhite and on the way home managed to loose one of the members of our group but luckily we found her later on. Besides that little mix-up we danced the night away and managed to snap a few "popbooth" pics. 
Friday the whole gang went out. There was quite large group of us but we all loved going to a new placed called Funky Buddha
Girl Band!
Saturday I went to Spitafields Market and failed to take any pictures but I will be back there because it was such a great place. It was slightly outdoors but had so many booths that you could go to selling a variety of things from clothing, to yummy food, to vintage jewelry.. ect. 
Sunday was the last day one of the roomies friends was in town so we decided to go to a day club, Church. It's quite the experience. Let me just say that among the pirates, superheroes, prisoners, "fútbol" players in attendance, the club played 90s music (such as Blink 182) - not really the typical "club" music, had magicians that ate light bulbs, team drinking competitions, and of course strippers. This was the exact opposite of going to church on a Sunday. Irony at its best.     
The weekend continued with Jen ny's birthday on Monday!! We went to an amazing italian "tapas" restaurant and then to a karaoke bar. Although none of us sang we enjoyed watching people get REALLY into it. They totes thought this was their big break.

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