March 19, 2012

Brick Lane

Because of some major renovations on the tube lines getting around on the weekend has been a hassle at times but Lulu and I were optimistic at giving the bus system a chance in order to get to Brick Lane. We originally wanted to go to Brick Lane grab some yummy food on our way to Spitafields Market but once there we were overwhelmed by the amazing-ness of this street and couldn't leave. First of all the food was so good and the best place to bring a group of people who can't settle on one particular type of food because they have everything! I went for Indian-Thai fusion and of course had to get a cupcake :)
Then the shopping! Ah a must to take my parents back to.. I wanted to many things. Clearly we spend our day at Brick Lane instead of going anywhere else.. I suppose that next weekend I'll have to attempt my original plan again. 

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