February 29, 2012

You Can Sleep When Your Dead

The day I was leaving for my Spring Break I had put my trip in the back of my head. I didn't do my regular routine of a countdown or look at my calendar checking it off daily... instead I just went with it on this one. On Wednesday night I went out with my roomie Kiki, Will and Taylor to meet Kikis mom. Of course after a few drinks at one pub which migrated to another bar, I didn't end up getting back to our dorm till 1am because Will and I both realized we needed to top up (international minutes for the phones) and get some extra cash till we got to Berlin. After I finished packing and having a mini anxiety attack I realized it was 2 which meant 1 hour of sleep for me! But really who would sleep for one hour so instead I got cozy in bed and attempted to catch a quick snooze... lets just say it was the ultimate fail. Will and I got in a cab at 3:15 to then take a bus at 3:45 to then get to the airport at 5:15 only to finally jet off at 6:25. Never have I taken a flight this early nor have I been up at these hours unless I knew I would be able to sleep the ENTIRE day. The bus was completely empty (in total there were 7 people) but the plane was the really bad part. Ryanair is not my favorite at all with its cement like seats and every five min a flight attendant came by to sell something else - a coffee, a burger, a magazine, or a charity of some sort. OH and the best part... the plane actually bounced down the runway. I'm not a pilot but I doubt it's a good thing to speed up when approaching the ground. We took a train into Berlin and from the looks of the very bleak surroundings, I was a little scared as to what I was getting myself into. Once we figured our way to the hostel East Seven and checked in we went straight to a cute little cafe next door for some immediate coffee fix of course we had to grub a little too. 
After lunch we waited outside our hostel for a walking tour of Berlin that started at 12:20 and went till 5:30. It was such an amazing tour and probably the best one I have been on so far. The tour guide was funny and whitty seriously suggest Brewer's Walking Tours. Also it's free! Kinda free you contribute money at the end depending on how much you feel the tour guide should get. We literally saw so much!
Berliner Dom

Cafe next to Checkpoint Charlie
Little bits of the Berlin Wall 
Most expensive hotel in Berlin where the suites go for 136,000 a night! Also more famously known as the hotel where Michael Jackson hung his baby out the window..
Brandenburg Gate
The tour finished with two very distinct places though that will always stick out in my mind. The "grave" of Hitler (which cant really be marked in fear of neo-Nazis making it a cite of celebration) and the memorial specifically for the Jews that were killed by the Nazis. Both of these sites have so much meaning and being in the presence of these places was a feeling unlike any other. The most fascinating part about the tour was that besides Berlin being a city with so much history, so many of these historical sites have been destroyed from the numerous wars Germany has been involved in.  I feel like after one day of touring I learned so much about this country that I would otherwise never look into. 

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