February 1, 2012

Matilda - The Musical

My friend Will recommended that I go see Matilda so of course I bought tickets because I couldn't pass up the chance to go to a musical. I went to the musical last night and thought it was very entertaining. It had amazing set design and the children that were in it were fabulous singers and dancers. My three favorite actors in it though were Miss.Trunchbull played by a man (Bertie Carvel), Matilda's dad, and one of Matilda's peers with the last name Bogtrotter (Bruce). Maybe I had already made up in my mind that I liked him because his last name had "trotter" in it but his voice was by far the best kids voice. Bruce Bogtrotter also happens to be the character that played the boy that ate all the chocolate cake.. Probably another reason I liked him so much. Even though my seats we quite bad (I've been a spoiled theatre go-er) I thought that overall the show was done really well, considering there were so many little kiddies involved!

Of course after the show we had to go to a bar called Detroit (loved the name since it connected with our American roots) and got my new favorite drink: Mexican coffee. It's espresso, coffee tequila, cream, some other alcoholic mixtures and topped with a sugar garnish.  It was sooo delish. 

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