February 8, 2012

Birthday Girl Mara!

Yesterday was my friend Mara's 21st birthday and it is quite different celebrating a 21st not in America.. I'm sure we could have found a raging spot on a Tuesday night but instead we kept it a little mellow and went out to dinner at this mediterranean place called Zati (the bar of Jak's that was sooo yummy).  Of course I had to get my new favorite drink - espresso martini. After telling everyone in the place it was Mara's birthday we got a round of shots from the bartender and made everyone sing.. I don't think it was the proper custom but we had a great time. We then went to another bar down the street called Eclipse and stayed till it closed. Very different from the Vegas 21st birthdays but seeing as she'll be on her way to Barcelona this weekend I think she'll have plenty of partying to come. Happy Birthday MARA!

P.S. Happy Birthday to KITTY KATIE! Miss you big 19 year old! XX

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